The Day After Ragnarok

Tehran: Nest of Spies
The next chapter for our heroes

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The Ebony Skull Part Eight
Did I mention I hate the cold? Just saying.

Token chubbsToken cordeliaToken johnhenryToken professor

So with the blessing of the President of the United States, some brave marines and a strange vehicle for traversing the ice, our band of adventurers races to confront Edwin and stop him from destroying the civilized world.

The marines are held up at the front of a secret compound, fighting their way through Edwin’s loyal army. Meanwhile, our group has discovered the large tunnel the device has made as it burrows deeper into the ice, attempting to plunge everything into the ocean. They whip their vehicle into the tunnel and race back the way it came!

The Ebony Skull Part Seven
Where be your gibes now? Your gambols? Your songs?

Token chubbsToken cordeliaToken johnhenryToken professor

Our group manages to overpower some guards, steal their uniforms and make their way into the compound. A good disguise except for maybe on John Henry. The outfit on him looks like it has run through the dryer too many times and shrunk repeatedly. But who knows, he is a big, scary-looking dude, maybe no one will say anything.

They make it onto the most extravagant ship they have ever seen. On every deck, on every wall, in every corner is gold this and gold that and statues and paintings depicting Edwin Morrissey as if he were a Greek god, rather than the corpulent, greedy business man he is.

The Ebony Skull Part Six
Here hung those lips that I have kissed I know not how oft.

Token chubbsToken cordeliaToken johnhenryToken professor


In this town, some polite inquiries—especially those accompanied by a free round of drinks to the local fishers and boatswains—will reveal that the area was, until very recently, frequented by many identical twin brothers, all of whom had no hair, not even eyebrows. It is unknown why they suddenly stopped coming, but the supposition is that they were employed at the Titan Shipping Yards, which are about a half-day’s sail to the east. The Titan Shipping Yards are privately owned, high walled, located in the middle of the jungle, and closely guarded so that none of the locals know what is being built there but many will comment that it is strange that not a single ship from that yard has been seen in these waters.

And here is where the next stage of our adventure will begin…

Did someone actually grab the device from the desk?

What will our brave heroes do next?

Might we learn something about the Professor?

And does Chubbs know anyone down here?

The Ebony Skull Part Five
and now, how abhorred in my imagination it is! My gorge rises at it.

Token chubbsToken cordeliaToken johnhenryToken professor

The group will be required to give a debriefing before moving on to investigate the next step. The group is ordered to wait, and the day after the report, Murphy calls them all into his office, spreading aerial pictures of the largest boat the world has ever seen at that time.

“These were taken in the shipyard in Venezuela,” says Murphy. “This… behemoth… was built and is owned by your friend Edwin Morrissey. Our estimates are that it is one thousand feet long and has a displacement of around 80,000 pounds. The United States has some aircraft carriers on the drawing board that are that big, but at this time you are looking at photos of the largest vessel ever to float. And he kept it secret during its construction. That makes us nervous. We would like to know what Morrissey has planned, but we would rather just have it… out of the way.”

The Ebony Skull Part Four
he hath borne me on his back a thousand times;

Token chubbsToken cordeliaToken johnhenryToken professor

A face-to-face with Morrisey!

The Major is able to arrange a quick meeting. Apparently Edwin Morrisey is back in Texas and throwing a big shindig. The Major was able to sneak the group’s name onto the invite. Outside of Cordelia, everyone feels uncomfortable at this party. It is a lavish event: dress-up tuxedos and ball-gowns, dancing, food and lots of talking and mingling.

The Ebony Skull Part Three
a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy;

Token chubbsToken cordeliaToken johnhenryToken professor

Auntie is quick to point out that her father also kept journals of all his travels and she can give the group the journal where he discovered the skull. This gives them the next clue, the skull was discovered off a small remote island outside of Greenland. The Major suggests the group head there next. He is able to identify Edwin rather quickly, as he is a wealthy Texan who made his money in oil. He is a strange man with property and contacts all over the world. He has never done anything outright to raise any flags to the military or A.I.R. but he has always been a ‘person of interest.’ Whilst our group flies up to investigate the island, the Major will put his resources into discovering the current whereabouts the Edwin Morrissey.

The Ebony Skull Part Two
I knew him, Horatio;

Token chubbsToken cordeliaToken johnhenryToken professor

And what a club it is. Big and popular, a who’s who of the Hollywood elite, political elite and craven fan can be found within these decadent walls of sin, vice and entertainment. A beautiful singer performing on stage locks eyes on John Henry as soon as he enters the club, and the heat is intense!

Cogito is friendly and courteous to Cordelia, a dame he finds attractive and enchanting. After meaningless small talk, he cuts to the chase. He knows what the group is after and can help, but they need to help him first, ‘quid pro quo’. A rival, Boss Fortissimo has somehow acquired a Nazi tank-truck and this could upset the delicate balance of power within the city. But none of the other bosses, including Cogito, can act directly. So if this merry band could intervene and take care of this situation, Cogito would be pleased and could steer them in the right direction.

The Ebony Skull Part One
Alas, poor Yorick!

Token chubbsToken cordeliaToken johnhenryToken professor

There were a couple of weeks of rest and recuperation before another assignment for our intrepid band of adventurers.

The Major starts the mission by showing them an ebony skull, several centuries old at least. Something amazing and remarkable that shouldn’t exist! He wants the group to head out to so some old mines in Arizona where the skull was discovered. They should study the strange writings and pictographs inside the cave.

A nice flight, Cordelia the pilot, and they are at the mine sight being lead deep underground by the mine owner to the discovered cave. A sudden rumble of an explosion and water begins to fill the room! The group follows the lead of the owner and swims to higher ground within the caves.

A visit to the doctor
Did I mention I hate going to the doctors?

Token chubbsToken cordeliaToken johnhenryToken professor

It is a couple of hours before they reach the island in the middle of the swamp. It looks to be about 300 by 100 yards across. Remnants of a pre-civil war fort, a couple of concrete buildings, a house, a boat dock and cargo containers scattered about.

They tie off their boat and climb onto the dock. Standing before them is Doctor Grant Mahrs, three goons with Tommy-guns, and the sheriff with a shotgun. All weapons are trained on the characters as the Doctor introduces himself and asks them to put all their weapons on the ground and follow him. Everyone but Cordelia complies immediately. Something in her eyes warns the thugs and doctor, “Open Fire!” he screams and then runs away.

A barrage of bullets tear into the group and Chubbs falls immediately, the Professor and Cordelia are winged and John Henry just smiles, bullets seem to just bounce off or do no harm.


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