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Sometimes the dice gods are not kind and fate deals you a bad hand. But all is not lost for our heroes. We have “Bennies”, slang for “benefits”. If we were gaming around a table-top the GM would hand out poker chips to represent these Bennies. They represent luck or fate for a player.

The core rules suggest every player starts each game session with three Bennies. Now, what else will get you Bennies?

  • Great role-playing
  • Overcoming major obstacles
  • Being entertaining
  • Memorable actions
  • Writing up ‘character’ summaries in the Adventure Log

Any of the above will grant the player more Bennies to wield during the game. Okay, so what can you do with them?

  • Reroll any Trait test, make the entire roll from scratch.
  • Soak Rolls: save your hide from deadly attacks.

The key here is to not hoard them, there is no benefit other than using them during the game. It can add excitement and help the player ‘steer’ the game in a direction favourable for them!


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