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  • Doctor Grant Mahrs

    A consultant to AIR, expertise unknown. Apparently he went off the grid and AIR was concerned. One missing agent later, they decided to send in the big guns, our group of heroes. Current status of doctor: *Deceased*

  • Edwin Morrissey

    A handsome Texas oilman who has managed to retain his wealth and power even after Serpentfall. He had a reputation for ruthlessness and cunning, and that has carried over into this new world. He has property and interests scattered across the globe. …

  • Lord Randolph Heard

    The typical English lord who inherits everything from a hard-working father and appreciates none of it. Randolph was kicked out of Oxford and Eaton before settling into the fast-life of the London playboy. He is good-looking, and knows it. He is also …

  • Djehuti-Yamun

    None can say when Djehuti-Yamun was born. British police records indicate he was active in the Egyptian fascist military underground during the War. Aleister Crowley’s diaries mention him as a “visionary scholar” in Cairo in 1904. An Ottoman internal …