The Day After Ragnarok

The adventure begins...
Rain, humidity, big bugs, joy!

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You all find yourselves, for various reasons in Florida. As cold and bitter as most of the world, Florida has the gray skies and torrential rain. But even the cold fails to really penetrate. Down here, it is still hot and humid during the day and bitter cold at night. Most of Florida is one giant swamp full of god knows what.

Mysterious island map

The Mysterious Island Part One
We're gonna need a bigger...wait, found a bigger boat.

Token chubbsToken cordeliaToken johnhenryToken professor

It is Elizabeth Cambridge who has pulled together this group of adventurers. Some have been called because of old friendships and others contracted for their skills.

The first to arrive is Cordelia Carter with Chubbs McGee in tow. It obvious they have some connection yet seem almost strangers at the same time. The next to arrive is a handsome gentleman introducing himself as Professor Humberto Uzamake. The professor seems to know Elizabeth somehow.

This group is introduced to their final member, John Henry, a huge man sitting atop a big and battered motorcycle. He will be their guide through the swamps of Florida.

The journey begins on a battered boat, the Carolina Dreamer, captained by a curmudgeonly old man calling himself Burt and a young mate he calls Petey. It will be a three-day journey across Florida into the Atlantic, from there, they seek an island which seems to appear only on an old battered map held by Elizabeth.

The Mysterious Island Part Two
I don't think we're in Kansas anymore!

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Upon the shore, Chubbs and John Henry both notice a peculiar looking bird, about the size of a turkey, at the end of the beach, near the jungle edge. As they step closer for a better look it attacks what appears to be the easiest target, Chubbs! The mouth of the bird opens to reveal rows of razor-sharp teeth!

It bites and claws at Chubbs, narrowly missing him. John Henry unlimbers his giant wrench and damn near smacks the head right off the bird! At that same moment, another bird flies from the forest at an attack. Cordelia and the Professor both fire their pistols and the bird drops dead in the sand. Once again, the Professor appears shocked he hit something he aimed at. John Henry, ever the resourceful guide, strings up the two ‘chickens’, as he calls them, on a tree branch. he figures they will be good eatin’ later.

At the end of the beach, at the base of a path leading through the jungle and up the mountain, they discover the sister lifeboat hidden under palm fronds. There is still some equipment tucked inside it. The lifeboat obviously came from the Natures Brew but looks like it has been here for several weeks. Hmmm.

The Wrap Up
Meet the new boss

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The storm finally abates and our motley group is ready for dry land. Elizabeth has made contact with her ‘boss’ and reports another ship is on route to rendezvous with them. Most of the group is surprised when hours later a military frigate appears through the haze.

Elizabeth points, “That would be my boss on that,” she says.

A small troupe of navy men crosses over via small boat to assume command of the Natures Brew, for now. The same small boat transports the adventurers over to the naval vessel. There they are introduced to Major Tyrone Murphy. Strangely enough, he is Army.

He greets everyone politely until he comes to the professor. “At long last we actually meet Professor Uzamake, it is a great pleasure to actually meet you in person. I will finally get the pleasure of working with you.”

Are all scientists crazy?
A mad doctor awaits!

Fiendish plot header

And here will be the start of the next adventure.

Lafayette and the locals
Road trip!

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A pleasant drive through swamp infested lands populated with giant man-eating critters and such, a day’s work for this band of adventurers.

Cordelia is driving, the Professor and Chubbs passengers and John Henry following along on his motorcycle. Their destination: Lafayette, Louisiana. Their mission is to discover what happened to a missing agent and the fate of a scientist doing consulting work for AIR, Doctor Mahrs.

A couple hours outside of Lafayette they come across an overturned cargo truck, a huge container strapped in the back, lid cracked open and leaking what appears to be water.

John Henry is the first to investigate, followed by Chubbs. They quickly discover weird tracks and drag marks outside the driver side of the truck, a busted windshield (From outside) with blood on it and a bullet hole (from the inside). A .38 is found on the ground near the door, all rounds spent. Nearby, a severed hand. Chubbs tosses the hand onto the windshield of Cordelia’s car as he clambers up onto the back of the truck, looking to study the huge container.

A visit to the doctor
Did I mention I hate going to the doctors?

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It is a couple of hours before they reach the island in the middle of the swamp. It looks to be about 300 by 100 yards across. Remnants of a pre-civil war fort, a couple of concrete buildings, a house, a boat dock and cargo containers scattered about.

They tie off their boat and climb onto the dock. Standing before them is Doctor Grant Mahrs, three goons with Tommy-guns, and the sheriff with a shotgun. All weapons are trained on the characters as the Doctor introduces himself and asks them to put all their weapons on the ground and follow him. Everyone but Cordelia complies immediately. Something in her eyes warns the thugs and doctor, “Open Fire!” he screams and then runs away.

A barrage of bullets tear into the group and Chubbs falls immediately, the Professor and Cordelia are winged and John Henry just smiles, bullets seem to just bounce off or do no harm.

The Ebony Skull Part One
Alas, poor Yorick!

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There were a couple of weeks of rest and recuperation before another assignment for our intrepid band of adventurers.

The Major starts the mission by showing them an ebony skull, several centuries old at least. Something amazing and remarkable that shouldn’t exist! He wants the group to head out to so some old mines in Arizona where the skull was discovered. They should study the strange writings and pictographs inside the cave.

A nice flight, Cordelia the pilot, and they are at the mine sight being lead deep underground by the mine owner to the discovered cave. A sudden rumble of an explosion and water begins to fill the room! The group follows the lead of the owner and swims to higher ground within the caves.

The Ebony Skull Part Two
I knew him, Horatio;

Token chubbsToken cordeliaToken johnhenryToken professor

And what a club it is. Big and popular, a who’s who of the Hollywood elite, political elite and craven fan can be found within these decadent walls of sin, vice and entertainment. A beautiful singer performing on stage locks eyes on John Henry as soon as he enters the club, and the heat is intense!

Cogito is friendly and courteous to Cordelia, a dame he finds attractive and enchanting. After meaningless small talk, he cuts to the chase. He knows what the group is after and can help, but they need to help him first, ‘quid pro quo’. A rival, Boss Fortissimo has somehow acquired a Nazi tank-truck and this could upset the delicate balance of power within the city. But none of the other bosses, including Cogito, can act directly. So if this merry band could intervene and take care of this situation, Cogito would be pleased and could steer them in the right direction.

The Ebony Skull Part Three
a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy;

Token chubbsToken cordeliaToken johnhenryToken professor

Auntie is quick to point out that her father also kept journals of all his travels and she can give the group the journal where he discovered the skull. This gives them the next clue, the skull was discovered off a small remote island outside of Greenland. The Major suggests the group head there next. He is able to identify Edwin rather quickly, as he is a wealthy Texan who made his money in oil. He is a strange man with property and contacts all over the world. He has never done anything outright to raise any flags to the military or A.I.R. but he has always been a ‘person of interest.’ Whilst our group flies up to investigate the island, the Major will put his resources into discovering the current whereabouts the Edwin Morrissey.


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