The Day After Ragnarok

The Mysterious Island Part One
We're gonna need a bigger...wait, found a bigger boat.

Token chubbsToken cordeliaToken johnhenryToken professor

It is Elizabeth Cambridge who has pulled together this group of adventurers. Some have been called because of old friendships and others contracted for their skills.

The first to arrive is Cordelia Carter with Chubbs McGee in tow. It obvious they have some connection yet seem almost strangers at the same time. The next to arrive is a handsome gentleman introducing himself as Professor Humberto Uzamake. The professor seems to know Elizabeth somehow.

This group is introduced to their final member, John Henry, a huge man sitting atop a big and battered motorcycle. He will be their guide through the swamps of Florida.

The journey begins on a battered boat, the Carolina Dreamer, captained by a curmudgeonly old man calling himself Burt and a young mate he calls Petey. It will be a three-day journey across Florida into the Atlantic, from there, they seek an island which seems to appear only on an old battered map held by Elizabeth.

The adventure begins...
Rain, humidity, big bugs, joy!

Token chubbsToken cordeliaToken johnhenryToken professor

You all find yourselves, for various reasons in Florida. As cold and bitter as most of the world, Florida has the gray skies and torrential rain. But even the cold fails to really penetrate. Down here, it is still hot and humid during the day and bitter cold at night. Most of Florida is one giant swamp full of god knows what.

Mysterious island map


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