Cordelia's motorcycle


Increasingly common as gasoline, rubber, and other commodities become decreasingly common.

Acc/Top Speed: 20/32
Toughness: 8 (2)
Crew: 1
Cost: $80


The 1942 Indian 841 was a military bike built for use in World War II. The 841 had a modified twin and shaft drive intended for desert fighting. The 45-cubic-inch engine of the 841 was a flathead V-twin and shaft drive, but it was mounted perpendicular to normal Indian practice, with the cylinders sticking out into the air stream. Up front the 841 was a girder-style fork, but the rear was fitted with the company’s traditional “plunger” suspension. Final drive was by jointed shaft, a configuration deemed more suitable for use in the abrasive desert sand.


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