Leader of the Children of Set, a Serpent cult of great influence and malignity


Nationality: Unknown

Charisma: +2

He is mighty of stature and somber of mien. His leathery, wrinkled skin is the colour of stained teak. His eyes burn with inhuman emerald fire.


None can say when Djehuti-Yamun was born. British police records indicate he was active in the Egyptian fascist military underground during the War. Aleister Crowley’s diaries mention him as a
“visionary scholar” in Cairo in 1904. An Ottoman internal report describes a very similar figure as the deadliest thief in Alexandria—in 1822! Now, he makes his home somewhere in the Stygian darkness of the Ras al-Thuban swamps. From there, he directs the Children of Set, a Serpent cult of great influence and malignity. The Children of Set are active from Mombasa to Mandalay, with unknown ties to the Daughters of Dionin. Djehuti-Yamun is not averse to slaying other Serpent cultists, especially if they question his pre-eminence or otherwise interfere with his plans.

He seldom takes the field himself, preferring to work through sorcerous cut-outs, summoned monsters, or hordes of local cultists.


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