Ruhollah Khomeini

Dour and devout, a leader amongst Persia's religious and scholarly community


Nationality: Iranian

Khomeini is described as ‘slim,’ but athletic and ‘heavily boned.’ He is known for his punctuality. He is also known for his aloofness and austere demeanor. He is said to have “variously inspired admiration, awe, and fear from those around him.” His practice of moving “through the halls of the madresehs never smiling at anybody or anything; his practice of ignoring his audience while he taught, contributes to his charisma.”

Charisma: +2

Age: 46

Languages: Arabic, English, German, Latin


Dour and devout, Ruhollah Khomeini (b. 1902) is one of the leading lights of Persia’s religious and scholarly community, the ulema. He divides his time between the Shi’ite holy city of Qom (about 60 miles south of Tehran) and various mosques in the capital city’s southwestern neighborhoods, where he has built a substantial following.

In political matters, he is staunchly theocratic and traditionalist, defending the strict laws of Islam and opposing both the modernizing Shah and the social-democratic (and Communist) opposition parties. His teaching expertise, oddly enough, covers not only Shi’ite theology, but neo-Platonism, Gnosticism, and Sufi mysticism: he is perhaps the closest thing in Persian ulema to an arcane scholar.

Ruhollah Khomeini

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