Lord Randolph Heard


Nationality: British Commonwealth

Age: 29
Height: 6’
Weight: 175 lbs.

Languages: English, French, German, Latin, Greek



The typical English lord who inherits everything from a hard-working father and appreciates none of it. Randolph was kicked out of Oxford and Eaton before settling into the fast-life of the London playboy. He is good-looking, and knows it. He is also wicked smart, but rarely applies himself to anything other than drinking and gambling.

Only when his father threatened to cut off his allowance did he attempt any sort of career. He was already a gifted flyer and boater so somehow the idea of an archaeological dig and great discoveries interested him. Also, he had noticed young Cordelia Carter and set his sites on conquering that one. So, out of necessity, he befriended her father, helped finance their latest expedition on the condition he join them. Poor Howard, ever the naive one, welcomed the young man, seeing him as someone who cared about his interests and perhaps could wed his daughter.

Lord Carter enjoyed his daughter accompanying on his expeditions but he was aware enough to hear and see what society was beginning to think about his daughter. So the interest of this handsome young man appeared to solve all his problems.

It was in Egypt that Randolph made a move. He had been drinking and entered Cordelia’s tent and attempted to force himself on her. She scratched his face, deep enough to leave a scar on his left cheek and managed to pull her gun. Only the timely intervention on Connor McLeod kept her from actually shooting him. Connor knocked out Randolph and kept Cordelia from killing him.

Connor took the drunken Randolph and placed him aboard a ship bound for South Africa. Ironically, this is what saved Randolph’s life. He was trapped in Capetown, awaiting a wire transfer of funds so he could get back to Egypt. He had nothing on his mind but vengeance! But the Serpentfall changed all of that.

In the years since, Lord Randolph (he inherited everything, including his father’s title) built up a small power-base in Capetown. He weaseled his way into some of the highest government circles and has many connections in the criminal world as well. On the surface, he is a gifted Englishman helping to restore the glory of the Empire and stave off the new evils facing the world. Truthfully, some suspect a darker side that just cannot be proven.

But above all, he has not forgotten the rejection of Cordelia and the thrashing from Connor. He believes Connor is dead but has recently discovered the whereabouts of Cordelia. His revenge will be sweet!

Lord Randolph Heard

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