John Henry

A big man with a gift for machines


Nationality: American

Charisma: 0

Age: 25
Height: 6’9"
Weight: 275 lbs.

Languages: Creole, English

Natures Brew
John Henry’s custom motorcycle


Chuck toon 1John Rutherford Henry

Born and raised in the back woods of the Florida panhandle, John Henry always lived on the fringes of civilization. Although he never learned to read and write he has an uncanny ability to fix most anything mechanical.

He never had much use for money, he always bartered his skills for food and shelter until it was time to move on.

He was in Tallahassee when it was crushed by a blood-red tidal surge a mile high. What little that remained soon burned to ground. Since then John Henry has wandered the poisoned wastelands with no real destination and no real purpose.

Typically avoiding large settlements, he travels on a cobbled-together motorcycle he built and maintains himself.

John Henry

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