Cordelia Carter

Ace pilot and not afraid to shoot first


Nationality: British Commonwealth

Charisma: +2

Age: 19
Height: 5’8"
Weight: 120 lbs.

Languages: English, French, Italian, Latin

Natures Brew


Cordelia Carter

Youngest daughter of Howard Carter. She followed her father to all corners of the earth. She was there as he discovered the tombs in Egypt. She was close to her father and his good friend Lord Cambridge. Lord Cambridge often brought along his daughter, Elizabeth, probably Cordelia’s closest friend and confidante. The girls had gone to school together and learned much from their fathers. Together, they managed to get into trouble often, they tended to frown upon society’s view of how a ‘proper’ woman should behave.

She learned how to fly by “co-piloting” with her father’s pilot, Connor McLeod, a WWI veteran RAF pilot who seemed surprisingly young for his experiences. (He also taught her how to fight, curse, shoot, and drink at an alarmingly young age.) He never talked of his past, only hinted at old events back home in Scotland that forced him to leave his homeland. He was a ruggedly handsome man, loved to drink and carouse and treated Cordelia as an equal (at least when father wasn’t around). It was also Connor who intervened and kept Cordelia from killing Lord Randolph as he ‘assaulted’ her in Egypt. Randolph had designs on Cordelia and had used his family money to pay for her father’s latest dig. Randolph believed Cordelia to be his woman and she disagreed!

As the Serpentfall wrecked havoc across the world, it was Connor who got Cordelia to safety. As they parted, he kissed her and gave her this old photo she had taken of him.

Cordelia Carter

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