Chubbs McGee

The acrobat and strongman, big things come in small packages


Nationality: American

Charisma: 0

Age: 25
Height: 4’5"
Weight: 160 lbs.

Languages: English, French, German

Natures Brew


Chubbs McGee

Chubbs was born in Jeannette, PA to an unknown mother and father. Left due to his physical imperfection and raised in an orphanage. He was, like most small people, looked down on and was the butt of most jokes and pranks the other kids made. Told to accept his lot in life and that he would never be anything worth mentioning, Chubbs decided to fight back. In his early teens he began working with weights and conditioning his body, he refused to be humiliated without fighting back. Soon he was in trouble for beating up on the other kids who picked on him and in trouble with the masters of the house for not following the path they decided for him. He was straying from “God’s” plan.

At age 16 Chubbs snuck out to see the circus, there he saw people with his size issues being given a chance to work and earn a measure of respect. Everything he wanted from others was given here. He away with them and never looked back. Starting as a general laborer and clown he toured the country and eventually Europe. It was there he saw two midgets who were given a great amount of respect for what they could do. In London where they were performing for the Queen of England, Elizabeth II and the King of Egypt, King Farouk. Here were two people who had the same limitations but had great renown and could command respect enough to be seen with Royalty. With renewed conviction Chubbs began to work at perfecting his body.

Circus life is hard and in a sense, it becomes your surrogate family. There were many amongst his travels that Chubbs called friend, but one of his closest friends was Connor McLeod. He joined the circus whilst traveling about the United States. He was a handsome Scotsman who performed various acts: swordsman, knife-thrower, juggler, acrobat, and clown. He always treated Chubbs with the utmost respect. He even taught him some sword-fighting and knife-throwing techniques.

Taking classes in athleticism and buying books to increase the benefits of his workouts, he was soon performing as a strongman that rivaled any to be found in the circus. He was finally making a name for himself when the Serpentfall occurred. The world was turned asunder and most of his friends and family drowned or were eaten by monsters. Chubbs was one of the fortunate few to make it out from Virginia where they had been camped to perform for the President.

His dreams crushed and with the world future unknown a hardened Chubbs now makes his living as a Bouncer, Bodyguard, or hired muscle as he contemplates what his future will be. After the Serpentfall, Connor found Chubbs and asked him to look after his friend Cordelia Carter. At that time, she could be found in Hawaii. He gave Chubbs a ring and a letter for Cordelia to prove his mission and friendship.

Chubbs McGee

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