Prince Abdol Omar

Crime-solver and righter of wrongs


Nationality: Persian

Charisma: +4

Age: 77
Height: 6’1"
Weight: 175 lbs.

Languages: English, Persian, Russian, German, French

A tall, rugged handsome man who has aged gracefully. He stands a little over 6-foot, piercing gray eyes and jet black hair that is beginning to show grey. He has the air of an aristocrat tempered with the wisdom of a long life doing good deeds. He is always impeccably dressed and polite to everyone he meets, even enemies – usually.


Born in 1871 to a Russian princess (from whom he got his gray eyes) and a noble of Khuzestan province in southwestern Persia, Abdol Omar spent the years from 1907 to 1934 in New York, working as a practicing psychologist while solving crimes and righting wrongs (especially against women) using his forbidding command of the astrological arts. He returned to Tehran shortly before WWII, and lives as befits a prince in quiet luxury with his wife Lotis Popov and a retinue of trusted servants.

Since the Serpentfall, he has resumed crime-solving and wrong-righting, opposing Serpent cults wherever he can discern their actions. He believes that the Black Brotherhood, a demonic cult of soulless Central Asian psychics he battled in the 1920s may be seeking to join forces with the Brotherhood of the Set. Due to his advancing years (although his imposing frame has aged well), he prefers to work through surrogates and cut-outs, sending them on strange errands to perform precisely timed tasks, coordinating their actions by astrological prediction.

Prince Abdol Omar

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