The Day After Ragnarok

The Wrap Up

Meet the new boss

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The storm finally abates and our motley group is ready for dry land. Elizabeth has made contact with her ‘boss’ and reports another ship is on route to rendezvous with them. Most of the group is surprised when hours later a military frigate appears through the haze.

Elizabeth points, “That would be my boss on that,” she says.

A small troupe of navy men crosses over via small boat to assume command of the Natures Brew, for now. The same small boat transports the adventurers over to the naval vessel. There they are introduced to Major Tyrone Murphy. Strangely enough, he is Army.

He greets everyone politely until he comes to the professor. “At long last we actually meet Professor Uzamake, it is a great pleasure to actually meet you in person. I will finally get the pleasure of working with you.”

He leads the group to a secure room on the frigate, offers them fresh coffee and fresh donuts. Where in the heck did they get fresh donuts? Who cares, they are good.

He talks a few minutes with Elizabeth off to the side of the room, away from the group. Then he rejoins them over near a large table with a map of the world spread across it.

“I want to thank all of you for helping Elizabeth complete her assignment. You do not realize how invaluable your help has been. It is a new world with old enemies still around and newer, stranger threats springing up.” He takes a sip of coffee and glances at everyone before continuing. “The remnants of the allied forces knew that to combat these new and old threats they would need to cooperate and think differently. With that in mind, they created a new organization. It is the Agency for International Response.”

He takes another sip of coffee, pausing to let the group digest what he has said so far.

“Magic, mysticism, strange monsters, and the like, the world has changed and the methods for combating our enemies needed to change as well. Thus, A.I.R. was born. Elizabeth is a member and the Professor is an associate. We would like you to join. You will receive a stipend and there are other benefits. It is dangerous but that seems to be something common in your lives already.” he smiles as he says this. “And we already have need for your services. Unfortunately Elizabeth must head off to another assignment, but I am sure you will meet again.”

At that, Elizabeth stands, hugs Cordelia, thanks the group and leaves the room.

“We often contract out work to specialists in other fields. One such ‘specialist’ is out of contact. We sent an agent out to track him down. We have heard nothing from our agents since 3 days ago. His last report claimed the contractor, Doctor Grant Mahrs could be found somewhere in Lafayette, Louisiana. We want to send you there, see if you can pick up the trail, and discover what has happened to our agent and what has gone wrong with the Doctor. We will set you ashore and provide you with transportation.”

Doctor Grant Mahrs

“We will also keep the small naval contingent aboard your ship. We are finalizing all documentation so that the Natures Brew is legally yours and can be used when necessary.”

“We have two days before the drop, so rest, get cleaned up and rest. Enjoy two days of relaxation.” The major, stands, nods at the group and leaves the room.

May 5, 1948

Two Days later…

The group is set ashore and met by a man who hands them the keys to a car and parked next to it is John Henry’s motorcycle.

And so it begins…



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