The Day After Ragnarok

The Ebony Skull Part Two

I knew him, Horatio;

Token chubbsToken cordeliaToken johnhenryToken professor

And what a club it is. Big and popular, a who’s who of the Hollywood elite, political elite and craven fan can be found within these decadent walls of sin, vice and entertainment. A beautiful singer performing on stage locks eyes on John Henry as soon as he enters the club, and the heat is intense!

Cogito is friendly and courteous to Cordelia, a dame he finds attractive and enchanting. After meaningless small talk, he cuts to the chase. He knows what the group is after and can help, but they need to help him first, ‘quid pro quo’. A rival, Boss Fortissimo has somehow acquired a Nazi tank-truck and this could upset the delicate balance of power within the city. But none of the other bosses, including Cogito, can act directly. So if this merry band could intervene and take care of this situation, Cogito would be pleased and could steer them in the right direction.

So back to the streets to discover clues to where Fortissimo has this tank-truck stashed. Once again Chubbs’ knowledge helps them along and they believe their answer can be found in a dive bar along the beach of Santa Monica, near the boardwalk. It has also become apparent that they are being followed, probably Fortissimo men. Some quick footwork and subterfuge by Chubbs and John Henry and they nab one of their followers. Confirming his mission and boss, the group comes up with a plan to lose the remaining tails and make it to Santa Monica successfully.

Within the bar, another hangout known to Chubbs, and their target is found. It is like a picture show of Chubbs’ past as they meet another acquaintance from his past, the man with an answer to the whereabouts to the tank-truck. His cost is a lot of cash and he directs their attention to a sap loaded with cash. Take the man down, take the man’s cash, and give it to this contact and they have purchased the info they need. This is quickly dispatched by Chubbs and John Henry and they group is off to deal with the tank-truck.

A fenced-in warehouse with a few guards and dogs on the outside and more men inside is where they end up. Cutting through the fence, they make it by the outside guards to the smaller door leading inside. They manage to get inside and confront half-dozen goons inside. A fire-fight ensues, grenades are tossed, fires rage, and John Henry wades through all the carnage simply beating men down with his giant wrench.

Our heroes are successful and escape the burning warehouse with a cool German tank-truck, followed by a quick call to the Major and directions to a nearby military base to drop off the vehicle and some rest. The following morning finds them back at the club collecting the next clue from Cogito. From there they head to an orphanage where Cogito and Fortissimo were raised. The caretaker, Auntie Mae, explains her father spent a life at sea and always returned with strange artifacts from around the world. One item was a strange ebony skull, quite creepy according to Auntie. A few days ago, a nice chap named Edwin Morrissey came and purchased the skull.



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