The Day After Ragnarok

The Ebony Skull Part Three

a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy;

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Auntie is quick to point out that her father also kept journals of all his travels and she can give the group the journal where he discovered the skull. This gives them the next clue, the skull was discovered off a small remote island outside of Greenland. The Major suggests the group head there next. He is able to identify Edwin rather quickly, as he is a wealthy Texan who made his money in oil. He is a strange man with property and contacts all over the world. He has never done anything outright to raise any flags to the military or A.I.R. but he has always been a ‘person of interest.’ Whilst our group flies up to investigate the island, the Major will put his resources into discovering the current whereabouts the Edwin Morrissey.

The island is a small bump on the ocean, a desolate, frigid pile of white rocks made slippery by tons of guano deposited by passing sea birds as they migrate back and forth. You could throw a rock across any point of the island and hit the other side, it is that small. Around the bend of the cove where they parked Cordelia’s seaplane, they discover a small shallow cave.

The cave is strewn with thick brown vines and lined with carven stone shelves which once held numerous wooden artifacts. On the ground of the cave is the desiccated corpse of a castaway who washed ashore here and froze to death perhaps twenty years ago. Investigation determines that he had made a fire pit and burned the artifacts in the room and everything else he could, but eventually his fuel ran out, and his life ran out with it.

As Chubbs and John Henry investigate the back of the cave, what appeared to be a mass of overgrown vines springs to life and assaults the heroes! Lying dormant for years, this blood-eating plant attempts to grapple our heroes, crushing the life out of them. All the better to drain the blood from their bodies. Once again, a fight ensues! Out of grenades, Chubbs hurls a bottle of burning alcohol onto the plant. It is a tough fight but our heroes eventually persevere and the plant lie destroyed.

The fight also destroyed the back wall completely, it was a façade, and behind it lie thrones carved from rock with skeletons anointed in jewels and gems sitting in them. There are also ruins and markings littering the walls and another star map of some sort. Photos and etchings are quickly made and are heroes make a hasty retreat. It is bloody cold, after all, and the room creeps them out. As they make their way back to the plain, explosions ensue and gunshots splatter the rocks around the group!

More bald goons and they are trying to stop our heroes. Cordelia realizes the explosions and shots and coming from where she left her plane, and pissed off beyond all belief, she runs through a hail of bullets to confront goons blasting away at her plane, attempting to destroy it! It is a messy and bloody fight but goons are dropped and their leader killed. Two remaining goons kill themselves rather than being taken alive.

The plane is sound but unfortunately a few stray bullets punctured the fuel lines and until repairs are made, it isn’t going anywhere. Once again a call is put to the Major and he dispatches a military ship to their location to affect repairs and give them more fuel. It is here that our adventure closed. The next chapter soon to be played.



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