The Day After Ragnarok

The Ebony Skull Part Six

Here hung those lips that I have kissed I know not how oft.

Token chubbsToken cordeliaToken johnhenryToken professor


In this town, some polite inquiries—especially those accompanied by a free round of drinks to the local fishers and boatswains—will reveal that the area was, until very recently, frequented by many identical twin brothers, all of whom had no hair, not even eyebrows. It is unknown why they suddenly stopped coming, but the supposition is that they were employed at the Titan Shipping Yards, which are about a half-day’s sail to the east. The Titan Shipping Yards are privately owned, high walled, located in the middle of the jungle, and closely guarded so that none of the locals know what is being built there but many will comment that it is strange that not a single ship from that yard has been seen in these waters.

And here is where the next stage of our adventure will begin…

Did someone actually grab the device from the desk?

What will our brave heroes do next?

Might we learn something about the Professor?

And does Chubbs know anyone down here?



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