The Day After Ragnarok

The Ebony Skull Part Seven

Where be your gibes now? Your gambols? Your songs?

Token chubbsToken cordeliaToken johnhenryToken professor

Our group manages to overpower some guards, steal their uniforms and make their way into the compound. A good disguise except for maybe on John Henry. The outfit on him looks like it has run through the dryer too many times and shrunk repeatedly. But who knows, he is a big, scary-looking dude, maybe no one will say anything.

They make it onto the most extravagant ship they have ever seen. On every deck, on every wall, in every corner is gold this and gold that and statues and paintings depicting Edwin Morrissey as if he were a Greek god, rather than the corpulent, greedy business man he is.

There is a mini skirmish in a kitchen as they make their way to target area of the ship. They take down a few guards, some workers and even a few Velociraptors. At least, that is what the Professor and Cordelia called them. Just more strange chickens to John Henry.

They make it to the opulent cabin of Edwin and the controls to the whole ship. It is here they plant the device and activate it. Within minutes the ship begins to feel affects as the device burrows down through the center of the ship. Our team hastily grabs evidence and clues from Edwin’s desktop and make it out a window. As they plunge into the sea and commandeer a boat for a get-away, they see a large seaplane make its escape from the burning and sinking ship!

The mission is a success and the evidence is sifted through. The news is not good. Apparently Edwin views himself as some sort of saviour and wishes to destroy the ice mantle shelves of Antarctica using a giant version of the device. The resulting catastrophe will destroy mush of the remaining civilized world and Edwin and his chosen will ride everything out on his ship.

Okay, so we know they sunk the ship but apparently Edwin has escaped and made his way to Antarctica and seems to be enacting his plan anyways. So perhaps he is a nutter after all?



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