The Day After Ragnarok

The Ebony Skull Part One

Alas, poor Yorick!

Token chubbsToken cordeliaToken johnhenryToken professor

There were a couple of weeks of rest and recuperation before another assignment for our intrepid band of adventurers.

The Major starts the mission by showing them an ebony skull, several centuries old at least. Something amazing and remarkable that shouldn’t exist! He wants the group to head out to so some old mines in Arizona where the skull was discovered. They should study the strange writings and pictographs inside the cave.

A nice flight, Cordelia the pilot, and they are at the mine sight being lead deep underground by the mine owner to the discovered cave. A sudden rumble of an explosion and water begins to fill the room! The group follows the lead of the owner and swims to higher ground within the caves.

They emerge in a main access tunnel, only to have the owner shot dead! A group of strange well-dressed Goons and an obvious leader face down the heroes as they emerge from the water. Strange because every man is bald, with slightly primate-like features and they all could pass for identical twins. The leader is apparent only because he speaks, taunting the heroes, and wears a coloured tie, the others wear black.

A fight ensues, grenades are tossed and the leader thrusts a mysterious object into the rock wall, causing the ground to shake and earthquakes to result. The bad guys are dispatched quickly and the heroes rush to get out, the caves collapsing about them. Conveniently the villains left motorcycles around the bend and Cordelia drives one with the Professor in tow and John Henry drives the other, Chubbs in tow.

It is a close call as the tunnel collapses around them. Cordelia handles the bike like a pro and she and the Professor exit gracefully. It is John Henry and Chubbs who narrowly escape death. John Henry loses control of the bike during the final collapse of the tunnel and miraculously the duo is thrown clear of the destruction!

Back at base, the surviving photographs, film rolls and etchings are handed off to “expert men” for evaluation and study. The Professor joins them, thinking to lend his expertise. It is the bored Chubbs and John Henry who make the next discovery. A week old paper from Los Angeles with a photo op of a local race track, shows familiar bald guys in the background in a discussion with another man holding what appears to be another ebony skull. The mysterious man is turned away from the camera so there is no way to identify him.

But a trip to Los Angeles seems the next step so off they go. Here, Chubbs’ contacts and familiarity with the seedier sides of life are of importance. The group begins asking around town in every gin joint and hell hole suggested by Chubbs. Word gets around (it always does doesn’t it?) and the group is given an invitation to the club operated by Boss Cogito, a man whom Chubbs knows personally.



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