The Day After Ragnarok

The Ebony Skull Part Five

and now, how abhorred in my imagination it is! My gorge rises at it.

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The group will be required to give a debriefing before moving on to investigate the next step. The group is ordered to wait, and the day after the report, Murphy calls them all into his office, spreading aerial pictures of the largest boat the world has ever seen at that time.

“These were taken in the shipyard in Venezuela,” says Murphy. “This… behemoth… was built and is owned by your friend Edwin Morrissey. Our estimates are that it is one thousand feet long and has a displacement of around 80,000 pounds. The United States has some aircraft carriers on the drawing board that are that big, but at this time you are looking at photos of the largest vessel ever to float. And he kept it secret during its construction. That makes us nervous. We would like to know what Morrissey has planned, but we would rather just have it… out of the way.”

The Major opens the top drawer on his desk and reveals a twisted crystal and a small, silver marble. The heroes have seen this before; it is identical to the one that the Goons used back at the mine in Arizona.

“I see you are familiar with this device.”

“Ordinarily, we would prefer to study such a device as this, but we don’t have that luxury at this time, it would seem. Our structural analysis of this titanic Ark that Morrissey has built for himself is that if we ran this burrowing detonator straight down its short axis—which happens to be the vertical axis for this boat—then we could sink it in a single blow. A small team might be able to infiltrate this floating monstrosity, make their way to the control room at the very top of the ship, insert the detonator into the floor, and then trigger it after they are safely off board again. Do you have any questions about the procedure?”

A brief conversation ensues but our heroes have seen enough of the world to get the gist.

“It would be dangerous, of course, but our real trouble is we cannot get involved… officially. Political reasons. I am not allowed to order you to take this burrowing detonator and commit an attack on foreign territory. Instead, I am going to leave this detonator on my desk where someone who needs it might take it, and then I am going to turn my back and spend several minutes pondering how to give unofficial awards for unofficial actions. I expect you to be gone by the time I turn around.”



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