The Day After Ragnarok

The Ebony Skull Part Eight

Did I mention I hate the cold? Just saying.

Token chubbsToken cordeliaToken johnhenryToken professor

So with the blessing of the President of the United States, some brave marines and a strange vehicle for traversing the ice, our band of adventurers races to confront Edwin and stop him from destroying the civilized world.

The marines are held up at the front of a secret compound, fighting their way through Edwin’s loyal army. Meanwhile, our group has discovered the large tunnel the device has made as it burrows deeper into the ice, attempting to plunge everything into the ocean. They whip their vehicle into the tunnel and race back the way it came!

They find themselves inside Edwin’s compound and less resistance as they shoot, club, electrocute, and blow their way through the enemy. It is John Henry who remembers a vague clue about heat shorting out the controller for the device and shutting it down. So he and the professor jury-rig their vehicle to overheat and melt down the controlling device. It works and the world is saved!

There is only one thing remaining to do. At long last they find themselves confronting Edwin Morrissey again! Aware that his plans have failed and his ship is sunk, he is boarding a strange bathysphere device attempting to travel to the center of the earth. Or so he claims. As he faces the heroes he still continues to gloat, bragging about his massive resources and lawyers who will keep him and free and nothing the heroes can do can stop him from pursuing another crazy scheme. His maniacally laugh is cut short as Cordelia puts two bullets through his head.

She turns to the rest, “What? It had to be done.”

The base is secure and the marines have control, the enemy is done for and the world is safe once again. What to do? The group decides to board the strange vessel and journey to the center of the earth!

What happens next? Who knows?



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