The Day After Ragnarok

A visit to the doctor

Did I mention I hate going to the doctors?

Token chubbsToken cordeliaToken johnhenryToken professor

It is a couple of hours before they reach the island in the middle of the swamp. It looks to be about 300 by 100 yards across. Remnants of a pre-civil war fort, a couple of concrete buildings, a house, a boat dock and cargo containers scattered about.

They tie off their boat and climb onto the dock. Standing before them is Doctor Grant Mahrs, three goons with Tommy-guns, and the sheriff with a shotgun. All weapons are trained on the characters as the Doctor introduces himself and asks them to put all their weapons on the ground and follow him. Everyone but Cordelia complies immediately. Something in her eyes warns the thugs and doctor, “Open Fire!” he screams and then runs away.

A barrage of bullets tear into the group and Chubbs falls immediately, the Professor and Cordelia are winged and John Henry just smiles, bullets seem to just bounce off or do no harm.

After the initial surprise our merry band reacts. The Professor empowers his shield device, Cordelia draws her .45 and fires and John Henry charges the sheriff (a man almost as big as John Henry). Chubbs is trying to drag himself to cover.

The sheriff blasts another shotgun round into John Henry, apparently doing no damage. John Henry retaliates, swinging his mighty wrench down onto the head of the sheriff, damn near taking it off. The sheriff is shaken and wounded severely but is still standing.

Cordelia calmly ignores the bullets flying around her and fires, dropping thug number 1 instantly. The bad guys return fire, but nothing seems to really affect our heroes as they engage back. Cordelia fires again dropping thug number 3. John Henry kills the Sheriff and the Professor runs to engage thug number 2. He attempts a swift kick but misses.

The thug blasts into the Professor but the bullets seem to have no affect versus the shield. A punch from the Professor stuns the thug and Cordelia’s bullet between the eyes drops him.

Chubbs looks badly hurt and is unconscious. They hide him in one of the cargo containers then head off in search of the mad doctor. They investigate the house first; it appears to be rarely used. Moving onto the first concrete building, which is simply concrete walls with a 10 foot pit in the center, a wire fence surrounding the pit, they spy a body at the bottom, in a foot of water. John Henry tears away part of the fence and climbs down to investigate. A wallet identifies the mangled body as the missing agent.

John Henry discovers what appears to be a tunnel leading from this pit over to the other concrete building. The party heads through this, hoping for the element of surprise against the Doctor and whoever else might be in the other building. It is a mad doctor’s dream lab they discover, even the Professor is impressed.

In the center of the room are a dissected sea scorpion atop a large metal table, and two live ones in cages along the wall. John Henry spies the doctor hiding amongst some equipment on the far side of the large metal dissecting table. The doctor has not spied them. John Henry elects for the simplest approach. He charges across the room, putting his full weight behind pushing the big table into the doctor.

A resounding success as the doctor is crushed against the wall, dropping his pistol and blood pouring from his mouth. He is badly hurt and unable to move. Cordelia attempts to question the doctor, who is obviously mad, getting nowhere. Nothing the doctor screams seems to make any real sense and the tirade is directed against the Professor. The Professor ignores the mad doctor, steps up and puts him out of his misery. He then directs John Henry to collect Chubbs and bring him to this lab and Cordelia to gather up all reports, files, etc.

When John Henry returns with the nearly dead Chubbs, the Professor has rigged up a water tank full of chemicals, wires and weird power sources. He has John Henry drop Chubbs into the tank. After a few minutes Chubbs has regained consciousness and apparently even healed a bit. Cordelia has discovered the doctor had a truck leave this morning, disguised as Army, heading into Austin, Texas. Deciding time was of the essence, the group radioed their new military allies at AIR to intercept and stop the truck.

Setting fire to the lab to erase all evidence, the group piles onto the boat and heads back to Lafayette. Their first official mission seems to have been successfully completed.



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